Yahoo Mail - Error Code 0x800CCC0F when saving attachments to Sent-Mail using IMAP


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OK, I'm stumped and think this might related to a hard limit on Yahoo's end.

I have tried a couple mail programs and am unable to save email attachments over around 1MB to the Yahoo Mail Sent-Mail folder when configured with the Yahoo Mail IMAP server settings.

It doesn't help if I increase the mail server timeout in Windows Live Mail to 5 minutes, or disable outbound smtp virus scanning in Avast.

No matter the size of the email attachment I'm sending, if it doesn't complete in about 30 seconds the connection is dropped with error code 0x800CCC0F

Windows Live Mail IMAP Sent-Mail Folder Error 0x800CCC0F.jpg

I also tried creating a new empty Sent folder and switching WLM to use that folder, setting the IMAP root folder path to INBOX.

The above tweaks to Avast and the mails server timeout settings generally work with other email services and syncing with large email accounts, but unfortunately are not a fix for Yahoo Mail.