Yahoo mail, different results forwarding using IE and Chrome started Dec 6


New Email
My wife uses IE and when she forwards me an email from her Yahoo Mail account to my Hotmail email account. I get....
> Amazon


> #yiv5197227410

> #yiv5197227410 body {width:100%

> !important;margin:0 !important;padding:0

I checked in her sent file and the email appears as above.

I use Chrome Browser.
I can sign onto her Yahoo mail account and forward an email.
The email is sent to my Hotmail as a readable email....

I know the easy answer is "just do not use IE"... But she is comfortable with using IE and does not want to change.

What am I missing???
I looked back in her sent file... this started happening on December 6.
The emails sent to other people do not seem to be affected...