Yahoo login signin seal picture missing


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Did you try to login to Yahoo and discover that your sign-in seal was missing?

Triple check that you are not on an imposter site before proceeding!

Start a new web browser and go directly to

The most likely causes for the missing seal are that you changed computers or that your cookies were cleared.
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Thanks!! As you know, we always tell people not to log in unless their sign in seal is visible. When I went to log in this morning, mine was missing. It was due to clearing my cookies. (I ran spybot) I had to go directly to to make sure I was at the actual yahoo site before logging in.

It is very disheartening to think that cookies are relied on to show your sign in seal. I am not very tech savvy. Is there a more secure way for them to do it Ray?


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Try configuring CCleaner to not remove cookies from

Use the settings available at Options -> Cookies