yahoo left signed in even though i signed in on another computer


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Hi everyone my problem is this, I signed in yahoo at one of my jobs, I went home signed in again, I signed out, thinking everything is fine, when I get to work the next day and click the link to I am already signed in even though I signed in and out at home(I am the only one that can access my computer at work and it was off when I left).
this is very troubling since I am always on the move and I forget sometimes to sign out, and I reassure my self I am safe by signing in on another computer.

if there is anything I can do to fix this can someone tell me?

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You can login to Yahoo from more than one computer at a time.

Logging into Yahoo from another computer does not kick off other web based logins.

Last I checked a second Yahoo Messenger login will kick the first login off of IM.

You can test this by logging into Yahoo from several web browsers on the same computer at the same time too.

In this case the best advice is to only login from computers you trust and always remember to use the logout button when done.

At your job you could also change your browser settings to not remember any history or cookies after closing the browsers.

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