Yahoo folder will not delete windows 10


New Email
I wanted to delete a email folder I emptied it of all emails . I get a message saying "This folder is empty of all Messages " I then right clicked on the folder it shows "Delete Folder " in the box . I clicked on delete folder like I have many times before and get a message "to delete a folder it must be empty of all messages" .
It IS EMPTY but will not delete . Things I noticed that are different from normal are first thing there is a small arrow to the left of the folder name pointing at the name of the folder (the folder name is simply 2018) the second thing is it says on the screen two things it says "this folder is empty " and it also says "Catch up on the most popular videos on yahoo" I tried to remove "Catch up on the most popular videos on yahoo " thinking maybe that was the problem but I have been unable to remove it . Anyone seen this before and know how to fix it ? Thank You ! Sparky
The process of deleting the email in the Windows OS is not happening on my system as I have tried many things to get it done but due to the Microsoft compatibility telemetry, it is not happening. The issue is happening from past few days.
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