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Discussion in 'Yahoo Mail' started by Rod Nissen, Apr 3, 2017.

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    Ok after over 15 years of being with Yahoo, I have finally had enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I travel extensively within Australia and overseas with business and have had problems in the past with yahoo detecting the change and stopping my email functionality. This eventually was restored after a whole lot of trouble. OK I respect their attempt to increase security but it caused a lot of delays for me.

    On my present trip to Europe an email arrived detecting a change and requesting me to carry out securing measures IF it wasn't legitimate. Do nothing if it was OK. Great I thought.

    Of course in the meantime they have now not allowed accessing other email accounts using POP3. This includes one of mine. After looking at all the forum entries and strong objections on this I decided it's no point me adding to the discussion as yahoo obviously aren't interested in halting the huge number of persons who are going to leave. I persevered with yahoo as it is important to my business. I decided to arrange for all my emails from my other account to be forwarded. This works fine.........

    Ok now on my present overseas business trip, I have been asked by yahoo to change my password and security questions twice. Of course they want to send a authority code to my alternative email address. Guess what it auto forwards to yahoo now!!!! Luckily when I logged in on my smartphone I was able to go around this and reset password and security questions. In that time my outgoing emails have been blocked.....Error code 475: Suspicious activity was detected on your account. First time it cleared. NOW IT WON'T. I have left it for hours and still nothing. I have had to "temporarily" open another email account and start advising people to "temporarily" use it. I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On just this trip it has cost me over a full working day of time trying to restore some sort of communication. I shudder to think what it has cost me over the last year or two, especially over the last few months. My time is money!!!!

    I am now willing to go through all the trouble of transferring my business dealings and contacts to another email provider. My email provider within Australia has a "webmail" service but it has limited file size attachment ability and is less user friendly when away from my office. That's where yahoo excelled..............OR USED TO.

    Please can someone advise me on a good email service that has excellent functionality and can be used worldwide. Free would be nice but I am willing to pay. Also when a problem occurs I want to be able to contact a PERSON by phone or email.

    Yahoo is dead as far as I'm concerned and they are the ones putting the nails into the coffin.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Rod,

    Do you have any interest in registering your own domain name? As you noticed, free email services provide limited support.

    If you register your own domain name that registrar will likely provide a free email service for it. If you want to guarantee great tech support from a human, try LuxSci. You should be fine with the basic offering.

    I use a combination of domain names and free email services. If you want to stay free, I prefer Gmail over Yahoo.

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