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Something has attached itself to my signature, a cartoon of a dog with newspaper in mouth, his master reaching for newspaper. It follows my signature and if I attempt to delete it, the button to delete is missing, so I simply stop my signature. Also, when I plain test my signature the whole computer code for cartoon is there with my 3 row signature. Even without the signature, when I send e-mails, this cartoon acts as a signature even if signature is shut off. I also seem to have some other issues with Yahoo e-mail. When I start to type, sometimes it writes in color, bold, underlined, italic without my requesting it. And sometimes it changes font in the middle of typing. I have been using XP(3), AVG no viruses, No Trojans, SpyBot S& D keeps turning up spyware that I have to delete, but keep coming back. SuperAntiSpyware tells me I do not have spyware most of the time. Has anyone else has these weird similar problems with Yahoo, I believe classic, e-mail? Any suggestions what I can do to remedy these problems and get back to normal? I am completely at a loss as to what to do. It must be something attached to the Yahoo e-mail because I have the same problem no matter what computer I use. Very Strange! And because I do not have a Business or Paid Account, Yahoo offers Zip Help. Someone please direct me in the right direction to remedy this yahoo problem.


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the message you posted had all sorts of HTML attached to it.

I removed the problem HTML code from the above post.

I suspect you have a virus or some other similar problem with your computer.

When did the problem start? Can you do a system restore to a point before the problem started?

After that make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and try to run so spyware scanners such as spybot.

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