Yahoo Classic Contacts Q

how do I add additional info to Contacts (as in previous Classic version). when click on "edit" am given limited options, and no "notes" box, or choices of phones (home/work/cell) as before. dislike new Yahoo Mail so do not want to go there again.


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I don't use Yahoo myself, but in checking at a relative's Yahoo mail, I see that in the Edit Contact page you can scroll down to "Other" where there will be a "Notes" option.

And on the Edit Contact page, also check on the "more" options (with the drop-down arrow) under each section there. Most of what you're looking for may be hidden there.
thanks for reply, but unfortunately my Yahoo Classic mail contacts "edit" page does not have any of those options. Here is what I see when I click on "edit" a contact. At bottom of this contact info only options are: Add Contact, Save or Cancel.

Name:First Name: Middle Name: Last Name: Contact Information:Email: NickName: MessengerID: Phone: