yahoo block me to Barnadoes still after hotmail sorted


New Email
just got nice reply from hotmail report on fail deliver to hotmail, account now works.

but issue about Barnadoes not working, many messages sent to report progress doing as they ask to promote awareness of child abuse, does not solve. I just tried again in yahoo; it failed deliver. Is this too phishing scam? Very nasty. Dare not try it in hotmail again; in case it destroys account working again. Last week Campaign team O Chantler told me I was genuine and not one to stop council signing anti abuse petition. I gave him feedback on 2 promises to drum up support, one from local mag doing article end of month. as with hotmail please reassure me and reply; the link to barnadoes, does not work not does link to campaign team. last one worked last week.
tracy allott 36 Halifax St Barnsley S Yorks