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Discussion in 'Help Desk' started by KathyKat, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Apr 12, 2015
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    My Email address is: harleybooboo12@yahoo.com. When my husband and I were together, we both used this Email. Now, he has moved out of our home and has his own Email account. My problem is: Everytime that I send an Email to anyone from harleybooboo12@yahoo.com, the other person receives it as (from Michael @ harleybooboo@yahoo.com). My name is Kathy and, even when I click onto my mail for harleybooboo12@yahoo.com, the name for my mail is my name-(Kathy). So, why do others receive Emails from me saying "from Michael @ harleybooboo12@yahoo.com"? I need them to say "from Kathy @ harleybooboo12@yahoo.com". I've tried to correct this by going into my account information, but there it DOES list my name as Kathy, my nickname as Kat, my gender as Female, & my birthday as 10/10/1956. = All of this IS correct. So, how do I get Michael out of my Email messages that I send out under my Email, which IS harleybooboo12@yahoo.com??? If you need to verify any information to confirm that this is my Email account, please just ask me. Sincerely, Kathy (Kathleen) Quen

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    What program you're using to send email? Try to find the option where you can fill in your 'full name'.

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