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I sent anEmail to the wrong address. When I realised my mistake I had to write the whole Email again with the correct address instead of just correcting the address.Also, I could not erase the wrong address/text. What do you suggest?:confused:


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Hi, Gqfaull


I don't know what your email provider is (Gmail ? Hotmail ?), but you should automatically have a copy of the email you sent in your Sent folder. There was/is no need to re-write the whole email. You could have just copied the content of the email and pasted it in a new email.

Another way would have been to open the email you just sent (by clicking on it in the Sent folder) and selecting "Forward." Then 1) enter the correct address, 2) remove the "Fwd:" from the subject line, and 3) remove the forwarding information at the top of the actual message area.

Not sure what you mean when you say you "could not erase the wrong address/text." :confused: