Work emails... problem solver needed!


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I work in a small business and to access the emails we have to go on the orange website... which is quite annoying.

What we want to be able to do is have our own individual accounts, like each person has their own email address within the company. Up to 5. and then a main one where all the enquiries go to so then can be forwarded on.

It would be handy to have access to it at home. (as i work from home sometimes)

I'm technically the problem solver for company, but this one has bugged me. I took general course in I.T. but no technician ones.

So any help would be appreciated.



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What do you mean by accessing the orange web site?

Are you saying that you currently have a business mail server on your internal network that you can not reach from home, but one of your requirements is that users can get their email when they are out of the office?

Do you have your own domain name?

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