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I am changing hosts, including for my email accounts. This morning I tried to change over my DNS server, but realising there were settings difficulties I couldn't solve alone I changed the name server information back so that I could maintain my email account until I got some tech support.

This was successful, the email account sends and also receives emails: but it doesn't not receive emails from addresses that have previously posted mail before the DNS changes. That means that now my email account doesn't receive the mails from any of my regular contacts, including two accounts which are my own.

I can send to these addresses, but do not receive the replies.

Can anyone help me with this?

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What is the domain name? Are you also trying to change your MX records?

It typically takes up to 48 hours for the internet to see a change in your DNS servers.

DNS resolvers that picked up the new servers also might not get the information about the change back to the old DNS servers for 48 hours.

This should not matter as long as your zone file is the same on both servers, but it sounds like your zone file is different between the servers.

The zone file is all of your A, MX, CNAME records for example IANA — Example domains and mail.example.com.

The best thing to do is have the zone file set correctly on both sets of DNS servers BEFORE you make any DNS servers changes, and drop the TTL's the records in your zone files and make those changes either a couple days before or after the DNS server changes to reduce the chances of there being complications.

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Hi popowich, thanks so much for your speedy reply. You were right, it was just a time thing, and everything seems to have reset itself (but much quicker, within an hour the first change and within about 8 hours for the change back).

Thankyou for all of your tips, I will take note of them when I try again with the switch over.