WLM and Yahoo issues


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I recently upgraded to Windows Live Mail. I currently have Win XP on this system.

The problem I am having is I have a yahoo account, that I am requesting it to pull down from - when it tries to sync, it will say that it is downloaded thousands of emails (that I can't see on the yahoo server), and it never ends. It will do this for hours and it has never completed the download process of what emails I don't know.

I have deleted the inbox associated with this account from WLM, and reopened it, only to still have the same problem.

I have done searchs to find a solution for this with no luck. How do I make it stop trying to download all these other things (or whatever it is doing) and only download currently messages.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Shona,

Do you have a Trash or Spam folder with a lot of email in it that can be deleted first?

If you let it run over night does it still not finish the initial download?

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