Windows Mail and free Yahoo Mail


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I use Yahoo Mail. but I would also like to configure Windows Mail to send messages where the replies would be delivered to Yahoo.

Can I do this? If so, please give details.



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Yes, if you edit the properties for the account and make the Reply-to: field your Yahoo address I believe that will have the desired effect.

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I am still having a problem

Can you give instructions on how I can set up Windows Mail so that I can post mail and receive replies at Yahoo mail

For example, when setting up Windows Mail do I use the ISP login name and password or the Yahoo login name and password.

I think that this is where the problem lies.

In addition, I am using a friends connection, will I need to set up my own Inbox at the ISP (the friend has given permission). I do not want my email mixed with hers.

I don't want to download Yahoo Mail to my pc.