Windows Live Mail NNTP News Error Codes

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by popowich, Nov 5, 2010.

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    0x800CCCA0 IXP_E_NNTP_RESPONSE_ERROR News server response error
    0x800CCCA1 IXP_E_NNTP_NEWGROUPS_FAILED Newsgroup access failed
    0x800CCCA2 IXP_E_NNTP_LIST_FAILED LIST command to server failed
    0x800CCCA3 IXP_E_NNTP_LISTGROUP_FAILED Unable to display list
    0x800CCCA4 IXP_E_NNTP_GROUP_FAILED Unable to open group
    0x800CCCA5 IXP_E_NNTP_GROUP_NOTFOUND Group not on server
    0x800CCCA6 IXP_E_NNTP_ARTICLE_FAILED Message not on server
    0x800CCCA7 IXP_E_NNTP_HEAD_FAILED Message header not found
    0x800CCCA8 IXP_E_NNTP_BODY_FAILED Message body not found
    0x800CCCA9 IXP_E_NNTP_POST_FAILED Unable to post to server
    0x800CCCAA IXP_E_NNTP_NEXT_FAILED Unable to open next message
    0x800CCCAB IXP_E_NNTP_DATE_FAILED Unable to display date
    0x800CCCAC IXP_E_NNTP_HEADERS_FAILED Unable to display headers
    0x800CCCAD IXP_E_NNTP_XHDR_FAILED Unable to display MIME headers
    0x800CCCAE IXP_E_NNTP_INVALID_USERPASS Invalid user or password

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