why wont hotmail respond to my account recovery form


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hi all, around 18 months ago my hotmail account was hacked, i have a good idea as to who it was (my ex) i never thought anything of it until my current accoutn got hacked on saturday.
i have since been able to unblock my current account, this has motivated me to try and get my old account unblocked.
i completed a recovery account form but hotmail have not got abck to me and it has been more than 24 hourse since i received there confirmation email to say that they would look in to it.
i now dont know what to do as there is no way of getting in touch with hotmail to ask on a progress update to recover my old account.
any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thank you


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If you account was inactive and possibly deleted over a year ago I doubt it is recoverable.

The Hotmail recovery features are for accounts that have experienced a trouble within the past days or weeks, possibly months, but not over a year.

There is some more information in the guide but I don't have high hopes for it due to the amount of time that has passed :


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