Why does Office 365 hosted exchange use 25.x.x.x IP addresses?


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It was recently reported that users of the Office 365 exchange service are seeing 25.x.x.x IP addresses in their full email headers.

As far as I can tell, these addresses may be used "internally" by Microsoft, but are not used for relaying email to other service providers.

I came to that conclusion because the IP addresses I checked from the full headers of emails do not have a sender score, for example:

Lookup for - SenderScore.org

The lack of PTR records or mention of Microsoft in a whois lookup is interesting:

OrgName: RIPE Network Coordination Centre
Address: P.O. Box 10096
City: Amsterdam
PostalCode: 1001EB
Country: NL
Updated: 2013-07-29

Update: A Microsoft rep commented that this address range is used for Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) service.