Why does my facebook profile picture show up in outlook.com?

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Does anyone know why when I send an email from Gmail to Outlook it displays my facebook profile picture?

I get that some web sites can pull some facebook info if you are logged in under a different web browser tab, but I'd think there would be a way to disable that behavior somewhere in the preferences?

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Have you connected your Hotmail account to your Facebook account? That's usually the way it happens.


Do you have a image defined in Gmail's settings? There's an avatar for email and Google Talk

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Neither of the above. I rarely use "facebook login" functionality anywhere, and my FB picture is different from my Google profiles.

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Yeah, it's guess it's since there is an active login in another tab.

On the right side of outlook it shows I'm not connected:

facebook outlook.JPG

but obviously it's still pulling info associated with me and my primary email address from a facebook session.


New Email
I found the answer to this question. outlook.com, aol.com, and probably other sites use Facebook's "search for a user by e-mail address" feature to find your profile and use the profile picture.

To prevent your picture from appearing, you must go into your privacy settings and change them so that people cannot find you by entering your e-mail address.

I found the answer here, under the question "What information is shared between Outlook and Facebook or Twitter?"
Outlook privacy - Outlook.com

To change your Facebook privacy settings, click the settings icon at the top right of your Facebook page and select Privacy settings. Then under "Who can look me up?" change who can look you up using your e-mail address to either "Friends" or "Friends of friends."