Why do you trust Hotmail?


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Last night I noticed on twitter that @aysegulyuksel1 "trusts" Hotmail.

That comment blew my mind becuase I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they trust Hotmail, or Microsoft for that matter.

Anyway, it caught my attention and got me curious. Hopefully we'll get more detail about the why from @aysegulyuksel1 here since it's too long for a Twitter response. :)
Hi! First of all I'm not intersted in gmail tecnical some important discoveries because I'm not a businessman or webmaster or exc. Im using mail only mailing other ones not necessary for me. Gmail menu so mixed and chaotic in my eyes. Just as you have a car luxury every systems so bright light but doesnt your attention dealings. And don't trust because when I hooked up my twitter address to gmail, gmail shows twitter email for example. Somebody fallowed you. Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter But I'm turning twitter it is'nt. İnteresting! I had it several times in gmail. But didn't lived in hotmail. Hotmail is enough for me for now. If I use complicated businnes system or need some extra menus I will. Maybe I'm extraordinary classiclover user. Thanks listening me. Bye.