Why do some emails go missing?


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There are a variety of reasons why an email go could missing.

In my opinion, in order from most to least likely, some common reasons are:

  • Due to spam filtering, the email was never delivered to the recipients account
  • The email was marked as spam and delivered the junk mail folder
  • Local virus/spam filtering on the recipients computer did something to the email
  • The email contained a large attachment that could not be delivered or bounced back to sender
  • The email bounced and the senders outgoing mail server was not able to deliver the bounce message from mailer-daemon back to the senders account
  • The email was filtered by a mail program rule into an unexpected folder
  • A server misconfiguration caused the email to be lost
  • Due to outgoing spam filtering, the email was never really sent by the senders ISP
  • A network or hardware failure occurred that caused the email to be lost