Why are my non-Hotmail emails get to Hotmail accounts Junk folder?


New Email

I have a personal email account in my registered web domain.
In the last month my emails are going to the junk folder of my hotmail contacts.
I've done everything I could to fix this problem, as my emails aren't spam and are sent to people who have registered themselves in my website.
This problem started when I sent an email to some old contacts, whose hotmail email was no longer active.
I've joined the Junk Email Program, but all the complaints that are sent to me don't relate to my domain, but to other domains parked in the same server of my domain and webspace provider.
My email is not listed in any external spam lists, and reach correctly every email account that isn't Hotmail, Live or MSN.

Please give me some help in order to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance