Which email services support sending and receiving PGP encrypted email?


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Anyone else? How do we test this? It would be great to see some automatic encrypted send & receive in action!


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Data may be retained for up to 15 days in our backups. This is for the purpose of restoring messages in case of accidental deletion.

I'm curious, are you able to restore individual emails on request that still exist in backups, or do you need to restore an entire mailbox to fulfill a restore request?

Do you mind explaining how the data within accounts is encrypted and how it is stored?

Also, any details you can provide to help answer the comparison chart would be helpful.

I'm hopeful there is going to be a new version of the software soon that supports searching and collapsing rows & columns which should make it easier for me to add a few more providers without the page becoming a mess.


Hi popowich!
Thanks for your prompt response and thanks for accepting my request.
Yes you're right I should give some more details!
Give me few days, 'cos I'm quite busy right now and I'll prepare it for you.
Right now I need to restore not an entire mailbox but just the single folder (Inbox or Sent or whatever).
I'm working on a way to restore individual emails. Anyway I'll write you a message with all the details.


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Mailfence provides "full" PGP support along with an integrated Key-store for managing PGP crypto-keys (as follows).
  • Importing Private Keys via in-line text or from files
  • Importing Public Keys via in-line text or from files
    • Users can also search and import public keys from public-servers
  • Exporting Private/Public keys
  • Generate Revocation Certificates
  • Revoke keys directly
  • Modify passphrase
  • Delete keys
A detailed and interactive "how to" - for more details.

Users can also use multiple PGP-keypairs at the same time - which comes in handy for hardcore PGP users (that uses different keypairs for different purposes). We also provide Digital Signatures (PGP/MIME) that allows users to reclaim their complete CIA (confidentiality, integrity, authentication) triad.

Not to mention - mailfence does not require any third-party (add-on, plugin) and provides all of those "true" end-to-end security and a complete email-suite (contacts, calendar, documents, groups, polls...) with-in a single web platform - which to my knowledge none of the other solution provides.
Please use this discussion to list any encrypted email service providers that support sending and receiving PGP encrypted from/to other email services.

Our product, GoodCrypto, automatically encrypts, decrypts, and handles key management for everyone in an organization. Additionally, it protects email metadata and resists traffic analysis. The sysadmin simply modifies the company's MTA so everyone get encryption. Open-source -- we welcome code reviews.

End-users continue to use their preferred email clients -- no add-ons, no training. It's completely compatible with other PGP solutions.