Which email program do you use most often?


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When you're not using a web based email client or service, which email program installed on your computer do you use most often?

I'm probably more of an unusual case where I still use alpine most of the time.

If the question was restricted to only Windows operating system programs my answer becomes Mozilla Thunderbird.


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The guy who built my computer for me installed Office 2007, so I do occasionally use Outlook 2007. It's much more email client than I need these days, but since it's already installed I saw no reason to go for T-Bird or Windows Live or something. So, I have my (MyOpera, Live, FastMail, OpenMail) accounts set up on it and have a number of Gmail-like color categories for all my mail so that it's reasonably well organized (though it really doesn't need to be organized that well, since the search function works great !). I use it mainly for an offline backup so I don't have to trust my email to online storage. I don't use it too much for reading/writing, since I'm finding it impossible to change the Mail & RSS reading font away from the default Calibri to something else. :rolleyes:

I've also been using Opera browser more and more recently and have enjoyed using its built-in client for both mail and RSS feeds. :D That gives me two offline back-ups of mail.


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I've been using Pop Peeper for years.

Simple and quick.

Pretty decent support as well.

I just installed pop peeper because of your recommendation. it seemed easy to set up but i have a couple of questions?

Is this a basic email program similar to modzilla or outlook?

I composed an email and sent it but it in the outbox and says in transmission, how long til it sends it?

Can you save mail on to your computer if so how do you choose where?


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Hi snacks,

Yeah, I guess you could say it's similar. It's more of an email notification program, but you can also send mail as well.

I just tested the send mail feature and it sent it right away, and the recipient received it almost immediately.

You can get other answers on their site: POP Peeper - FAQ

And their forum is quite helpful as well: POP Peeper • Index page

I've been using it for years. I hope it works out for you.

Good luck.