where i can send maximum number of e-mails every day?


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I am Needing a Free internet site or a software from where i can send maximum number of e-mails every day.

I have attempted Gmail Nonetheless, it just allows to send a thousand e-mails in one day:( Yahoo, Hotmail etc are all scrap. u can't even send out 100 e-mails in a single mail.

If there is any freeware software or internet site or Email Client from which i can send optimal # of e-mails every day, Please inform me. also i would value if you can help me with some tricks and pointers to send out mass mails.


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There is always going to be a cost somewhere.

Paying for an internet connection and building your own server.

Paying for a dedicated server.

Paying for an using something like Amazon SES.

Paying someone else to send for you.

If you trying to spam any of the spam will get shut down.

If you are a legitimate email sender a service like Amazon SES could work well for you.

What kind of email are you trying to send, to how many recipients, and where did you get your email lists?