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Hey/Basecamp rolled out three new HEY features.

1. Send from an Extension's email address (HEY for Work accounts only). If you've set up extensions, now you can reply to emails using that Extension's email address, rather than from your personal work email address. When replying to an email, click the "From" field in the composer to see your options.

2. Clearing The Screener. Too many emails in The Screener? Severe case of procrastination? Don't want to decide? No problem! Now you can erase everything that's currently in The Screener, and decide Yes/No the next time someone writes you for the first time.

3. Reply Together. We just brought the best of HEY’s “Focus & Reply” mode to the Imbox too. Now you can multi-select emails ad hoc from the Imbox and stack them up for quick replies, one after another. 100% distraction free. It’s called “Reply Together” and we think you'll love it once you give it a try.

We've got more stuff on the way, including another new feature announcement tomorrow.

We're always working to make HEY better for you. Thanks again for your continued support, and everything you do. Think you might know someone who'd love HEY? Please let them know, it would mean the world to us. Thanks again from everyone at HEY.

-Jason Fried
CEO at Basecamp (the makers of HEY)


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Another new feature is called Cover Art, and it's a fun one.

As you know, the Imbox is divided into two sections: New for You on top and Previously Seen down below. And while New For You is something you always want to see, some people feel like Previously Seen is a bit of a distraction. It's nice to have recently viewed and sent emails close at hand, but for some, staring at the them all the time is a bit much. We hear you.

This is where Cover Art comes in. Now, you can put a visual cover over Previously Seen. A pretty picture, a pattern, a photo of your choosing. It's entirely up to you. It'll spruce up your Imbox, calm things down, and hopefully make you feel good every time you see it.


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Hey for Work is carried over in Hey for Domains. For companies or individuals who want email addresses in their own domain.
More quietly brought: 'catch-all' to capture any email sent to an unrecognized address in a domain.


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In the past weeks 5 new features rolled out:
  • You can now collapse long newsletters you don't care to read till the end with the "see less" button in The Feed.
  • Write emails in a new window with the SHIFT+W hotkey on desktop.
  • Optimized speed of The Feed.
  • Importing an existing subscriber list from another newsletter into HEY World.
  • Recycling (auto purge). Automatically recycle emails you no longer need in The Feed or for individual contacts.