What will happen when I upgrade?


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I had a problem with an upgrade awhile back for my Thunderbird. It wasn't compatible with my spam fighter. I had to revert back to an older version. The newest version of Thunderbird is 17 but spam fighter is only compatible up to version 16. I think I had help the last time I upgraded. (advice)

Is there anything I need to know before upgrading to version 16? It is very important that I don't lose any emails etc. I can't lose anything in my mail. Can I just download version 16 or is there something else I need to do first to make sure I don't lose anything important?


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Use the backup/export features in Thunderbird.

Making a copy of the folder structure identified here is a good idea too:


Save those files and the backup made by Thunderbird to your external hard drive.

Saving to a a thumb drive instead if you don't have an external hard drive for backups is OK too.

If for some reason the upgrade causes a problem it's usually not hard to restore your data and/or reinstall an earlier version of Thunderbird.

Caution: The latest version of software generally contains security and bug fixes in addition to the latest features, so it's usually a good idea to run the latest version of your applications when possible.