What protocol does an iphone use?


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I don't have an iphone but am considering buying one. Here are some questions...
1. What mail application do people generally use on an iphone and what protocol is used (POP, IMAP, etc)?
2. I would want to use my existing mail.com address. Is it easy to set that up? Would I just enable mail forwarding from mail.com?
3. Is it possible to have mail sent to both my iphone and my home computer?


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Hi jwriter,

I use the mail app that comes with the iPhone. I enabled IMAP to allow access to my inbox and labels (folders) There is also the mobile Gmail app at Gmail for mobile

For mail.com as long as you have pop3 or imap access you can use the mail app on the iPhone. You would not be required to forward the email to another email account.

Your phone would be syncing with the account, for example I use the Gmail web page and also see what's there via the IMAP access. Email doesn't go to one or the other. If you pop email w/o setting "leave mail on server" you'll likely only have it on that one device. IMAP works better than pop if you are trying to access your account from multiple devices.

Hope that helps! -Ray