What is the fast XBL (fXBL) ?


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The fast XBL (fXBL) has removed some latencies that were in the XBL so that data gets pushed out in a tenth of the time. This means that new spam runs are caught that much more quickly further reducing the load on your mail server.

One of the researches from Spamhaus Technology Ltd - Commercial Anti-Spam Blocklist Provider found that 60% of email marked as ham by the XBL subsequently was identified as spam by the fXBL.

So what do you need to do to take advantage of fXBL? This is where the news gets better. You need to do nothing.

After a period of testing and having seen the excellent results, the fXBL has become the XBL. So when you see a marked uptick in the effectiveness of the XBL, now you know why!