What happened to my email account?


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I use Yahoo's email every day. My computer automatically fills in the user name and password so I don't think they are entered wrong. I even tried entering them myself but no go. Last night when I attempted to view my Yahoo email account I was greeted with a security question....."what was my dog's name"???? Never seen that before. I have only one dog so I entered it's name but it said that wasn't it and I'm locked out for the next 12 hours. I tried it again 13 hours later with a different browser and it's the same thing. I tried resetting the password but can't get access to anything to do it because I'm locked out. I had to create another Yahoo account just to register here. I'm completely lost. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.


Customer Service
Your account has been hacked. It also sounds as if they changed the security questions on you. Once you are hacked, it can be very difficult to regain control of your account. You can follow the steps at the following link to try to regain control. The hacker has changed all of your information making it impossible for you to get back into the account without following the steps found here:


No matter what ends up happening, (you regaining your old account or continuing to use your new one) you need to follow the steps found in our thread How to prevent your yahoo email from getting hacked
The will prevent this from happening in the future. You need to protect your email accounts in as many ways as possible to prevent yourself from becoming a victim again.