What are the top 3 email services?


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You didn't specify as to free or paid services.

1. Luxsci
2. Tuffmail
3. Polarismail

1. Zoho
2. Lavabit
3. Yandex

There are a few others that don't get mentioned too often either.

These are just a few.....


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I'm glad you answered the question the way you did, I'm more ISP minded and first thought of other U.S. ISP's such as Comcast and ATT.

Which Luxsci services do you use? I have recommended them for bulk smtp (when an email newsletter service is not needed) and also for their collaboration offerings.

What do you like about Zoho, seeing as it's your favorite not often mentioned service?


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Hi Ray,

I actually don't use Luxsci services as they are way too expensive for my tastes. I only mentioned them as they get nothing but rave reviews everywhere. I can't figure out why they don't set more competitive pricing for their services.

Zoho has a lot to like.

If I were gonna nit pick, the actual name, "Zoho" doesn't do much for me and the website is in my opinion, a little too busy, but other than that, they sure do have a lot to offer.

They have an enormous amount of features and options for a free provider.

I would guess that some paid providers don't offer as many services as Zoho.

I know I'm generalizing here, but you would have to actually sign up for an account to see all their different offerings.

I also mentioned them as the OP asked about services that aren't talked about a lot and I felt Zoho fit into that category.


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Now, if the OP had asked which are the top three paid and free email services which don't get talked about a lot, that you personally use.


1. Fastmail - this is the only paid email service that I currently use. I have domains which require an annual payment and they are hosted with GoogleApps.

2. Polarismail: I was given a free account over at EMD but I believe those are gone and it's a paid service. Actually quite reasonable costs.

3. Eumx.net: Same exact deal as Polarismail and I think they're even cheaper.


1. Again, Zoho

2. Yandex

3. Lavabit

I mostly use my Google Apps accounts but I will on occasion use all of the ones I just mentioned.

I'm really considering hosting a domain with Polarismail as this service looks quite promising and support is excellent for the costs involved.

Fastmail, I will probably drop at sometime in the future as I really don't like where they're going. Latest changes to the web interface were not to my liking.

Eumx.net is another excellent service. The few times I needed support it was quite fast and resolved the issue. Their website leaves a lot to be desired, but they offer four different interfaces. OWM, Horde, Squirrelmail and Roundcube. I don't know of any other service that does that.

They're a contender along with Polarismail as far as domain hosting goes.

I'll leave you up for air now.....:)


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In India, almost everyone used to have a rediffmail email account. That seems to be in the dying stages. I doubt if rediff gets any new email accounts been created on a regular basis.