What are the IMAP mail server settings for Outlook.com accounts?


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Update! Please see the next post for the new IMAP server settings.

Also, instead of IMAP you can use ActiveSync from a compatible device.

The server setting for devices that support ActiveSync is m.hotmail.com (SSL required)

If you do not have an ActiveSync compatible device or mail program you can also forward your email to an another mail account that supports IMAP.


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Re: What is the IMAP mail server setting for Outlook.com accounts?

Microsoft added IMAP support for Outlook.com accounts!

incoming mail server - imap-mail.outlook.com (port 993, requires SSL)
outgoing mail server - smtp-mail.outlook.com (port 587, TLS supported)

These settings work for both Outlook.com and older Hotmail.com accounts.
these servers no longer respond. Outlook has likely changed the servers and not let anybody know yet. so until the new server info is provid d I can't access my hotmail account with my iPhone. anybody have the new server address?


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these servers no longer respond.

The server settings listed are still correct. It's possible that you had a local firewall or anti-virus that's interfering. Also, please note that "SSL required" is a check box that should be enabled in your settings.

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If you want to access or add outlook.com account then check IMAP and SMTP server settings for incoming and outgoing mails.

IMAP server name: imap-mail.outlook.com
IMAP port: 993
IMAP encryption method: TLS

SMTP server name: smtp-mail.outlook.com
SMTP port: 587
SMTP encryption method: STARTTLS