Want to apologise to all sent spam when hacked


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My account was hacked and a spam message sent to (I think) all on my long contacts list. Can I send an apology to everyone without the system thinking I am spam? If so, how? Many thanks.


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Hi Richard,

Depending on which email service you use it might be best to only send a few apologies at a time. Also, if you send To: your address and BCC: the others when doing this it helps protects the privacy of your contacts email addresses from each other. If most of your contacts are on Facebook you could always post an apology that they would see. Do you know how you got hacked? Did you reply to an email that asked you to confirm your account information? Also, have you verified all of your settings including new password, security question & answer, and any alternate or forwarding email address settings?

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Many thanks. My email is yahoo. The trouble with sending a few at a time is that I think it runs into the hundreds or more (I think I have it set to add everyone I email).

I dont know how they got into the acount - I certainly didn't give out the password or any other details. But I've had the account ages, and the password was very simple (a four letter name repeated). Is there anything else I should be worried about?

Thanks again