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I receive emails with photos in the body of the message from time to time as opposed to attachments.
Some are from Hotmail(Outlook) and some Carolina Road Runner. Occasionally I get email with a square or rectangle and an x or symbol there rather than the photo. Naturally we like to forward the good ones
to friends. A lot of times I'll send myself a bcc to see if I can view the photos in my email account.
Example: from rr to hotmail or hotmail to rr or gmail or yahoo or live etc. Usually if I receive a msg in the same acct. ( hotmail to hotmail) or (rr to rr) I can view the photos, but not always. If I forward them to a friend who has the same account, they can usually view them. In hotmail I have it set
for active view and in rr: do not block when viewing HTML To be more concise, why can we not view photos from time to time.


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Hi bobxls,

It sounds like some of the behavior that you are describing is the presentation of images that were inserted inline vs attached as files to the email you received.

To view pictures I download them to my computer first before opening them.

If you are having a problem only viewing some of the attachments are you able to either use a mail program on your computer to download and open the problem messages in Hotmail, or forward them to another email account that should be able to open them?

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The first sentence is all that applies to the problem. I have no problem downloading and viewing attachments.
The problem is viewing photos in the email message.I don't understand POP3,SMTP, Rich Text vs.HTML etc.
Hotmail and RR remain on the vendors server. Windows Live Mail stores them om my computer. Viewing them is the same.
Problem must be in the format that they are sent. I don't know what format is supported or what format photos should
be sent in.
Good answer here: Why don't pictures show up in the emails I send or receive?
Thanks, bobxls