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Verizon is blocking Verizon customers from receiving my emails. This happened in March and after many calls and emails I received the following: - Thank you for contacting Verizon Online Abuse. After a thorough investigation of your issue, Verizon Online Abuse has determined that normal e-mail delivery should be restored within 6 hours." I have sent 2 emails and have heard nothing from Verizon acknowledging that they are blocking nor advising me of the reason for blocking.

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What is the full error message that you receive from Verizon?

What is the IP address for your mail server?

What does the IP reputation for your mail server look like?

Is the IP address for your mail server on any blacklists?

How many emails do you try sending to Verizon users per hour / day / week ?

What percentage of those emails bounce?

Do you send to mailing lists?

Do you remove the addresses that bounce from your lists?

There are a lot of reasons why an ISP like Verizon may be blocking your email. Verizon usually includes a URL that helps to explain why the emails are not being accepted. Hopefully between the bounces and answering the above questions we'll have enough information to help you continue to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.