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New Email
Dear Sir,

Because my internet line was down for more that 2 weeks, I use my friend's wireless connection.
Now they needs me to answer the questions which I had forgotten. However there is another option to access to my yahoo email account through verification code. I click to receive the code and the page indicated that the code had been sent out to this account: My actual gmail account is I open my gmail mailbox for more that 5 times but I didn't receive the code they send.

Please advise what should be done.


Customer Service
Can you get back in using your friend's wireless connection again and change the verification email?


New Email
Dear Theresa,

I try again to login to my yahoo account per your request using my friend's internet connection.

The same verification code is needed per below:.

Confirm Your Identity: Receive Verification Code
You are logging in from a device we don't recognize. Learn whyFor your account safety, please choose either a listed phone number (carrier charges may apply) or email address below to receive a verification code. Learn moreBy email


Please help.

Best Regards