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First, I bought a MOBI for my iAd and Verizon kept me locked put from using it for 2 + weeks by refusing to send an acceptable alphanumeric password to rhe MOBI, so I paid for NOTHING. Then, at about 3 werks I finally got my password and account but device would not connect. After about 1 month, went to Verizon store to find Verizon had cut me off because the idiot automatic bank payment glitched 6 days before. Got that fixed and paid what I owed for the month of NON- SERVICE!!!!!!! Now I find Verizon is allowing some sleazy dating service to TEXT MY MOBI and run up my bill. How do I stop these durtbags? And frankly, Verizon needs to CREDIT ME for the 2-3 weeks of NON-SERVICE before the payment glitch that was THEIR FAULT!