Unable to write the email to mailbox?


New Email
Hi for years I’ve always used Netscape for my mail. I log in, and it asks me for my password, and after that it says how many e-mails I have. I click on get messages and bingo I get the messages. Yesterday I logged in and when I clicked to get my messages this came up:

! Unable to write the email to mailbox. Make sure the file system allows you write privileges, and you have enough disk space to copy the mailbox.

Note: I can send e-mail but cannot get new messages. I have been going onto the Comcast web mail to get the new messages.

I’ve never seen that before and I don’t think it’s coming from Netscape. I’ve checked all my e-mail settings and they seem to be correct. I have the following:

Windows XP
Norton 360
I use msn for my main browser

Does anyone know why this would be doing this? I hope someone can help as I have all my email folders ect. On Netscape.


New Email
Hi everyone! I found out why!! I had to compact my floders. Never did this in years and I guess it grew to big. After I compacted the floders I was able to "get" my mail again!!
Have a Great Day!