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We have a problem some times in sending mail to yahoo and we don't know the reason.

We performed the following

1- checked our PTR (OK).
2- check for blacklist (OK).


Any suggestions


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The reverse DNS PTR is generic and possibly residential - host- Ask your ISP for a custom PTR such as mail.example.com. You will also want to create a matching A record and make sure both TTL's are at least 14400 seconds (I prefer 86400 seconds).

The sender score looks OK too, but no history is not a good thing. No history sending good email is almost as bad as a bad history. Most likely, if you check your outgoing email logs, you will see that Yahoo is deferring connections from your mail server.

After fixing the PTR above, the best way to fix your problem is to start sending small amounts of good email at least daily to all of the large email service providers (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) and slowly increase over several weeks sending a little more good email every day until their reputation providers pick up that you are a new IP sending good email. If you continue to send good email and don't generate spam complaints the problem will fix itself in time.

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If the problem is intermittant then you need to find an example in your mail logs that shows why your messages are not going through. Do the messages bounce or are they silently dropped by yahoo.com? Or maybe they are stuck in a queue on your side? If you are getting bounces please post one of them so we can take a look. If the problem is solid then try this:

telnet mta6.am0.yahoodns.com 25

helo yourdomain

mail from:<your_email_address>

rcpt to:<a_yahoo_address>




If Yahoo doesn't accept the message it will give an error that should help.