Unable to remember live.com password


New Email
I have a Nokia Lumina 720, I have 15 updates and can't access them because I cannot remember my password for live.com. I have had 4 chats with the support.live.com team, with an outcome that they would email an outlook account I made for this specific purpose. I haven't received any emails from any support team which will allow me access to my account. I have tried to have more chats to get this fixed however it comes up wait time 1 minute and I wait 30 minutes etc (this has been for the last 3 days.. I have phone Microsoft and they put me onto Nokia. I phoned Nokia and after they tried to help with doing everything I have already done, they suggest I resent my Windows which will delete everything from my phone, contact numbers, txt messages etc. I have never used my live.com account as an email therefore cannot put in security info which asks for subjects of emails, or addresses of where I have sent emails etc. Nor have I changed passwords because I have forgotten the one used in the first place. I have been trying for two weeks to get this fixed and I am frustrated, getting angry and just don't understand why someone just can't do a password reset so I can fix. I have offered to physically go into a Microsoft store to prove who I am but have been told this is not an option. PLEASE HELP ME.