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I have had this email address for so many years I've lost track, let's say 10. I've had no problems recovering it in the past but now when I went to recover it through the automated system, which I've never seen, it wants to send a code to a phone number that I don't believe I ever registered on there. There is also the option to send it to my current number, the one I know I put on there. I send the code and type it in, I fill out the forms and I change my password. I know it changed my password because I don't get redirected to the account recovery page until I type in the most recent password I've changed it to via the phone code.

The bottom line is every single time I log into my hotmail account I get redirected to https://account.live.com/security/Aci.aspx/A1 even though sending the code certainly changed my password. on top of this the recovery system doesn't believe it is my account:
"We recently received a request to recover your Microsoft account {email address removed}. Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your ownership of this account using the information you provided"

I filled it out again but how many times can I fill it out, there is no possible way the 'other person' filling out this form has more accurate information than I do. I am lead to believe that this is an error with hotmail/microsoft, especially after what I've been reading with them switching over to new systems etc...

I NEED this email account, I have important things in there and I have a ridiculous amount of accounts attached to it. Somebody save me please.


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if a moderator could edit my email address out of this post that would be great, I didn't really mean to put it in there and I can't seem to edit my post for some reason. Thank you.


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Hi Benitro,

I removed your email address from the original post.

Here is a guide that includes a few ways to contact Microsoft:


Hopefully they can better help you to permanently recover your account.

Also, try doing a few spyware scans on your computer and make sure that all of your alternate email address and account reset information belong to you.

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Thank you for your response popowich, and thank you for removing my email address.

Unfortunately I have tried all of the options on this page: http://www.emailquestions.com/hotma...l-password-regain-control-hacked-account.html
with no luck. I can reset my password all day but when I go to log in it still redirects me to the 'unblock your account' page. I emailed secure@microsoft.com and abuse@microsoft.com and they tell me they can't help me because they don't support hotmail. They say there is no direct contact for hotmail support and they also are ignoring my responses now.

It seems to me there is no such thing as support for hotmail, other than this forum, which appears to be run by a third party. So I'm really hoping you have another answer for me. If not, I lose every account I've made since 1990 something.

It seems like something is wrong since I can have hotmail call my cell phone and give me a code and still not log in to my account, after it resets it directs me to the login page, then I log in with my new password that I just set and it redirects me to the account blocked page. Certainly something is fishy about that. Thanks for your help.