unable to open hotmail account. password-hacked?


New Email
ATTENTION; Computer Technician
My user name is Meirskie and I appreciate your time and assistance. I did type a document like this one, about 15 minutes ago, and I lost it somehow. If by chance it finds it`s way to you, kindly disregard. I am frustrated beyond what is normal. You see, I have Win 7 and I was using Hotmail until about a week ago,I was unable to open my account. I know my password as I have had this account for at least ten years now. I did click on an email to see who the sender was, and then I deleted it. I do not know for a certainty if my Hotmail account was hacked. It contains my address book, photos, many serious documents., etc. I am at a great loss, as I was expecting some sensitive documents. My email address is {removed}. I have a Facebook account and I noticed that Outlook was attempting to change Hotmail to that Outlook format. As I expressed it is terribly difficult for me to learn a new program. So when that was offered, I declined. Just the same, I went into my Hotmail,only to find I had Outlook with my emails instead. I am working on a wonderful laptop that is a Toshiba and it is now about fourteen months now since I purchased it. I would so appreciate it if someone could lead me in the right direction. I need to recover my Hotmail because all my e-mails are directed to it. I have attempted to get into another account that being: {removed} I did see some older emails but nothing current and it did not show it open in Hotmail again...it was with the appearance of Outlook. Since then, I successfully employed "system restore" to the beginning of January 2013. I also obtained a new account,[ with absolutely nothing transferred from the old account] by the same name and I am able to use {removed} now but with a new password. I am not very technical as you have no doubt noticed. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and also for your suggestions. Please, Help.