Unable to access my free mail.com account


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I am having the same issue with my free mail.com account as Matt. It does not recognize my user name, password and birthdate. I have had the account for over 10 years also. I just set my son up with an account in July and he has the same issue. I did email them but am waiting to hear back. Is this an issue with the free mail.com service or was I hacked into my emails?? What can I do?? Does anyone have a phone # for them? I am at. Loss. Please help.


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Can anyone tell me if the are having the same issue as me and if they regained access. Also, did they here back from mail.com by the Internet? Could the issue be their server or a hacker?


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Hey DonnaR,

I sometimes noticed glitches when trying to sign into some of my mail.com accounts where it would give me an error message saying that the wrong user name or password were submitted.

This problem always seemed to resolve on its own after a very short period of time.

Have you tried accessing your account with an email client?

I use Pop Peeper and set up my mail.com account using Imap.

Server settings are:

Inbound: imap.gmx.com
outbound: smtp.aol.com

Seems to work for me.

Good luck.