Unable to access email at Yahoo - password/alternate email gone

I had (still have but can't access it - doherty167@yahoo.com) an email account at Yahoo for many years. Partially due to password changes over the last few months, Yahoo may have been trying to contact me via my alternate email address which was at prodigy.net. Prodigy.net is no longer active for years. I believe thta the email address was babypalms@prodigy.net
So, when I do send an email, it will be forwarded to prodigy.net. How do I get to Yahoo to change the response to the new account that Im had to set up at gmail.com. Every contact at Yahoo is basically looping back to the help page and if I do get a place where I can respond, it asks for my alternate email address or a mobile phone number which I never gave to Yahoo.
Any help would be appreciated because I use the email address with my web page and had several hundred email addresses on this account.
Thank you if you can help,

Marty Dougherty of