Trouble receiving email from particular sender


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Currently am having trouble receiving emails from a particular sender only. After veryfying that it wasn't the sender's issue, I was wondering where is the email being directed into my hotmail account?

I looked into my spam folder and wasn't able to locate the email. I am able to send out an email to the sender but I am not getting his replies back. He did confirm that his email went out and wasn't bounced back.

We tried to forward, reply and compose anew emails and all attempts failed. I am not receiving his emails in my IN Box. Is there another location I should be aware of or is there any settings that would need to be adjusted or updated.



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It's possible that Hotmail is silently discarding them, and it's also possible that they are bouncing and the sender is not getting back the bounce message. Emails that are "test" messages tend to be considered spammy. If they are sending a test make sure it has a couple real English sentences in them. Can they send to you, or can you send to yourself, from an alternate email account such as a Gmail account? Are you sure they have your email address typed correctly and/or correctly spelled in their address book? Are they sending from a Yahoo account? There were some recent member reports of Hotmail blocking email from Yahoo. Make sure that the sender is in your hotmail safe senders list. If you like you can have the sender send an email to and we can let you know if their sending mail server is appearing on any RBL's or has any other spam issues that might be causing Hotmail to block email from them.