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I am using an Win XP Pro system.
I was "hit" with a very bad virus several days ago.
(I have TW Road Runner and use the 'provided' Computer Associates Security Suite,
which has SUCCESSFULLY protected our 3 computers for over 6 years!)
I contracted a CA approved service and after some 4 hours, and quite a few $'s, they FINALLY got it removed.
Due to the virus infection / problem(s), I am going to have to reformat my C: drive.
I want to transfer ALL of my Thunderbird email program to an 8 Gb 'thumb drive' to be
able to reinstall once I've reformated the C: Drive
Following are the instructions I followed and it seems to have successfully
copied the total 'file' to the thumbdrive;
I Quote:

"Find the Default Thunderbird Profiles folder on the "old" computer. On Windows XP/2000 this file is
located in your root directory (C drive) under Documents and Settings. Select your Username and go
to the "Application Data" directory. The file will be in the "Profiles" folder of the Thunderbird
directory in the "Application Data" folder
(C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\).
Locate your Default Thunderbird Profile folder named "XXXXXX.default" where the X's are a random mix of numbers and letters.
Copy the files in "XXXXXX.default" directly to the "new" computer over the network, or you can use a removable storage
device such as a USB thumb drive or CD-R. Don't copy over the directory named "XXXXXXX.default", but just copy the files in the directory."

My questions / concerns are this;
1. I successfully copied th "xxxxxx.default" folder to the thumbdrive.
2. The "xxxxxx.default" folder contains 3 'subfolders'
Will it work OK to simply 'copy' these 3 subfolders to the thumb drive?
3. Or, do I have to copy all 1.11 GB, 395 files, 1 at a time, to the respective
subfolders on the thumbdrive?
***Side Note***
Since I did the above copy, I am no long able to use my Thunderbird icon, which I've used for
the past year or so, to open Thunderbird. It asks me to create a new account.
It's important to note here that the virus make it IMPOSSIBLE to do an XP restore!!
An info / help would be very gratefully appreciated, to say the least!
Thank You,

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Hi Dean,

Here is our version of the directions for a Thunderbird migration :

Read both pages before starting and if you follow those you should be all set.

To answer your question directly, yes, I'd recommend copying the entire xxxxxxx.default folder.

Copying the files out should not have caused your Thunderbird to break.

You should not have a problem using them after the reinstall if they copied out OK.

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