transfer information from 1000 emails into searchable offline TXT Doc

I have Many Emails I need to get their date and the body of the Text, transferred from each of those e-mails into a single searchable file,or data base, something other than opening each one at a time and cutting and pasting the information from its online location , into a offline file or something , where I can search threw all of the e-mails to supply a search to its contents.
Any clues would be helpful, Ive had plenty of classes but none that supplies this transferring of information with what I assume, threw a browser.
Thanks for any ideas


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Ray' suggestion (IMAPtoMaildir) is excellent but it will give you a maildir structure with one file per message. If you want a single file with all messages including headers, contents, etc then IMAPtoMbox is probably a better choice. It dumps all of the messages into a single file in Mbox format (mbox - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You would have to write some code to search the mbox file when you to locate and extract a particular message or header field.

Another possibility is the Email_Archiving tool which I am developing (shameless plug). It reads the messages in an mail account using IMAP and creates a searchable database (a Mysql db or Linux DBM files). You can use the Email_Restore Apache application to search and retrieve messages based on the header data. Or you could write your own application program to search the database.

If you're interested in the Archiving tool please contact me off-line and we can talk about it.

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Two Excellent ideas, I've had some training in Linux and have some understanding where this was headed. However I didn't want to go on and on describing my problem/question.
One semester of Linux Administration no codeing except dos batch files, come on! it's kind of the same: I even used edlin to mod config.sys files ;
however no Linux Box's
I'm on the Client side/user/side of E.mails some remain at AOL but most have been transfered threw PoP over to live at "ThEmpire of G.Mail".
My box's are win7 win8 and I really don't have a bunch of time to fiddle around, I've got a time sentive paper to put together and needing to find some info in these 7 years of E-mails between me and someone else........Who' Ahhhhhh Jack in the movie The Shineing redrum redrum


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@rfs9999 My brain works better at processing the Maildir style email since I know for certain each file is one email and I can foreach file my way through any processing in this scenerio.

I'm a qmail guy, so I default toward Maildir. (aka: Alice) if you want to share a copy of the email (allow an IMAP to maildir) I don't mind doing some quick scripting work if it doesn't get too time consuming.

I recommend setting up a free trial tier AWS linux box and trying to figure it out yourself though ;)