Traffic to Gmail and Hotmail trending downward due to Facebook?

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I find the following hard to believe. The graph is from here :

Gmail and Hotmail usage trends.JPG

I just don't see how this is possible.

Maybe I could believe it if the graphs were showing emails delivered to inboxes at Gmail, but not the number of users.

Maybe I could also believe it if the data stated that there was an improvement in catching and blocking spammers before they could connect and send spam.

Gmail has always had pop3 access. Hotmail did not start offering pop3 until more recently. If the remote access such as phones and pop3 was a cause for the drop I'd expect Hotmail to have dropped off more recently and not at the same time following the same curve.

Facebook users still need to have an email account to receive their notifications.

It just doesn't make sense that these sites have 25% of the people connecting from a few years ago without more explanation about the data and how it was collected.