tracing all ip's relates to my email

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    I was looking trough misc sites on the internet and on one site (that I NEVER visited before) with an email based comment system and when I tried to comment on something it said that my email was already in use and required a login this tipped me off that someone else might have been using my email I have found a website that shows all online sites with any I'm put from a certain email to trace what my email is used for that I don't know about but I can't find a way to trace the computer ip of the other user if you have any guides on how to trace every ip adress that has entered my email adress and eleminate the ip from the network with a firewall and password encryption system.

    Extra data

    *I use gmail as my email service
    *I only learned this recently so I don't think the user on the opposite side has detected my knowlage of his/her presence
    *my router is a At&t u-verse with a WPA authentication system, all completely wireless
    *after monitoring my routers in/out relay messaged to my computers ip I have not seen any eve dense of unauthorized datatransfer mysterious ip's or unaminus data requests

    I have also set this to not notify my of any new posts so the user on the oposite side doesn't get notified of my a tempts to ratify his/her presence so I may not be able to respond to new info immediately

    Please help.

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    It's not possible to stop someone from trying to use your email as the From: address when sending spam, to stop them from at least starting a registration process using your email address (no guarantee it will succeed either since many sites require confirmation), or identifying all IP addresses that have ever attempted to use your email address.

    Within your control, you can:

    - Change your password
    - Contact the customer service and/or webmaster for a site and ask them for details related to a registration using your email address

    Some web sites are confused by ad blockers. It's also possible that an ad blocker caused confused a web site and caused your registration to fail.

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