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Unsubscribing from an email newsletter should be easy!

A single click! Bam! Done!

These we're going to my spam folder but started hitting my inbox again.

Now I remember why I marked as spam!



We are sorry to see you are leaving. We hope that you have enjoyed your Rochester NY Freecycle experience.

Moderators have limited access to do things with your MyFreecycle account.

You have to do it yourself.

First, you need to unsubscribe from the group:

(1) Visit
(2) Login with your username and password
(3) click the "My Groups" tab.
(4) click on "Change Settings" on the group you want to leave.
(5) click on "Leave this group".

This removes you from the group, but you STILL have an account on the My Freecycle network.

This is like leaving the group from Yahoo Groups, but you still have a Yahoo account.

If you want to leave MyFreecycle altogether, you need to delete your account. Do not do this before you leave a group. If you do this before you leave all your local My Freecycle groups, you may still receive emails from the groups you failed to leave correctly.

To unsubscribe from the MyFreecycle network:

(1) Visit
(2) Login with your username and password
(3) click the "My Info" tab.
(4) click on "Delete Account".

Thank you.

- Mark H.
Lead moderator
Rochester, NY Freecycle

Big Dan

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That's the biggest pet peeve of mine. Don't put your unsubscribe behind a login. If I'm unsubscribing to your newsletter chances are I don't remember/care to remember my credentials at your site. A simple unique unsubscribe link in the footer is best. If you have to send me a "Sorry to see you leave" email, okay, but even that's annoying.

I don't necessarily mark them as spam because I did request/sign up at some point but I do filter 'em out sending them straight to trash.


Indeed, the "unsubscribe link" should be somewhere visible and just a click-and-done function. Companies that keep this in mind, mean that they respect the recipient and his/her opinion that they do not want to receive any more e-mails.